New book: Entomopathogenic bacteria

New book: Entomopathogenic bacteria

In the monograph "Entomopathogenic bacteria" authors Anna Moldovan, Natalia Munteanu-Molotievskiy, and Ion Toderas discuss the premises of the use of bacterial agents in the biological control of pest insects, with an emphasis on studied pest species. A separate chapter is dedicated to the basic methods of isolation, identification, and characterization of entomopathogenic bacteria. Also are presented the results on the development of bacterial agents for biological control of pests based on new strains isolated from the natural environment.

As a result of the research, it was demonstrated that the microflora of insects, pests of crops, represent a natural reservoir of bacterial strains with pronounced insecticidal properties that are to be exploited to develop biopesticides. In perspective, the preparations obtained based on native strains can be applied both within traditional and organic farming systems. Biological pest control methods represent the solution to the environmental and human health problems associated with the extensive application of chemical pesticides. The creation of local collections of entomopathogenic bacterial strains is a significant step towards achieving the goal of providing the local market with biological pest control products.

The work, published in Romanian language, is envisioned both for specialists in the fields of zoology, applied entomology, and plant protection, students studying in the fields of biology, ecology, and forestry, as well as young scholars passionate about biological sciences.


Anna Moldovan, PhD