Museum of entomology

The insect collection of the Entomological Museum is one of the most complete in the country, here are stored about 6 thousand species that are found on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The fund of the entomological museum has tens of thousands of insects from other parts of the world, hundreds of species being exotic, relict or endemic in the Caucasus, Crimea, Siberia, Asia, other species are rare and threatened with extinction locally and worldwide.

Tasks of the entomological museum:

  1. The main source of knowledge of the diversity of the country's entomofauna.
  2. The collection is the basis for the elaboration of the Monitoring programs and the Cadastre of the animal kingdom from the Republic of Moldova.
  3. The material basis for studying the special course "Insect Systematics" for students from the State University of Moldova.
  4. Familiarizing high school students with the world of insects in excursions and lessons popularization of scientific achievements in entomology.

The museum is registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova (Certificate No. 75 of 31.01.2005)