Infoinvent -2023 awards for researchers of the Institute of Zoology

Infoinvent -2023 awards for researchers of the Institute of Zoology

The meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology, Moldova State University, from 5 February 2023, the first in the current year, was an opportunity to offer the awards obtained by the Institute of Zoology at the „Infoinvent” Specialized International Exhibition (22-24 November 2023, online format).

The researchers of the Institute of Zoology, in collaboration with researchers from other subdivisions of the Moldova State University, and even from other institutions both in the country and abroad, were awarded for:

  1. Elena ZUBCOV, Natalia ZUBCOV, Laurenția UNGUREANU, Nina BAGRIN, Liviu-Dan MIRON, Denis BULAT, Petru CIORBA, Lucia BILEŢCHI, Nadejda ANDREEV – Method for pond farming of fish producers of cyprinids (Patent: MD 1646) – gold medal;
  2. Galina BUȘMACHIU, Svetlana GROZDEVA, Valeriu DERJANSCHI, Svetlana BACAL, Livia CALESTRU, Victoria BELOVA, Cristina ŢUGULEA, Cristian MÎNZAT, Ioan TĂUȘAN, Tatiana ȘULEȘCO, Petru CUZA – Fauna of the „Plaiul Fagului” Reserve. Invertebrates (monograph) – silver medal;
  3. Oleg CREPIS, Dumitru BULAT, Elena ZUBCOV, Denis BULAT – Universal mobile fish-breeding complex (Patent: MD 1674) – bronze medal;
  4. Olga GARBUZ, Valentin GUDUMAC, Ion TODERAS, Aurelian GULEA – Antioxidant properties of synthetic compounds and natural products. Action mechanisms (monograph) – silver medal;
  5. Arcadie FUIOR, Sébastien FLOQUET,Valentina CEBOTARI, Diana CEBOTARI, Aurelian GULEA, Ion TODERAS – Food supplement based on molybdenum for bees (Application: FR 2007784 (23/07/2020); PCT WO2022/018009 (19/07/2021)) – gold medal. 

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Congratulations to the authors!

                                                                                                                                                                Lucia Bilețchi